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    We love collaborating with social media influencers, bloggers, & other content creators! To ensure mutual success, please read the following criteria before contacting us:

    1. You must have a descent number of followers on Instagram/Twitter/Youtube (either or) - these must be original and legitimate followers (eg. not purchased)
    2. You will be required to post photos of you wearing the garment(s) within 3 days of receiving the item.
    3. You must hyperlink our website and the product pages featured in your post.
    4. You must provide original and clear images of the featured product(s) on your Instagram and Twitter accounts and tag us (@sassygalfashion1) accordingly.
    5.  Please send us relevant links by E-mail or Direct Message on Facebook so we can help share your outfit post on our own social media accounts and website. *Please DM us ONLY on Facebook. Our Instagram account gets too many posts to respond. 
    6. Please be aware that we may use your photos for our own advertising and social media promotion (including email marketing.)

          If you meet and accept the above requirements, please email us at hello@sassygalfashion.com for further information.